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What is a financial planner?

Today, insurance salesmen, stockbrokers, bankers, lawyers and accountants commonly refer to themselves as “financial advisor.” There are no federal or state regulations that define who may call themselves a financial advisor. The financial industry standard looks toward the “certified financial planner” as the benchmark for qualified and experienced professionals.

How do the financial planners derive their income?

We are paid in several different ways. We can work under a fee agreement or we may receive commissions. Often, we offer a “no cost,” first appointment to everyone.

Are the planners at Styles Bridges Associates employed by any financial corporations?

The planners at Styles Bridges Associates are not employed by any financial institution. They are independent insurance and securities registered representatives and can deal independently with those companies offering investment products for our clients.



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Important Consumer Information:

This site is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be a solicitation or offering of any security and;

1. Representatives of a broker-dealer ("BD") or investment advisor ("IA") may only conduct business in a state if the representatives and the BD or IA they represent (a) satisfy the qualification requirements of, and are approved to do business by, the state, or (b) are excluded or exempted from the state's licensure requirements.
2. Representatives of a BD or IA are deemed to conduct business in a state to the extent that they provide individualized responses to investor inquiries that involve (a) affecting, or attempting to affect, transactions in securities; or (b) rendering personalized investment advice for compensation.

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As a CFP® Practitioner, Styles Bridges & Ken Garwood are certified by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc., one of the most respected professional organizations in the financial services industry.

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